Your Guide to Mastering Killer Presentation Skills [Infographic]

Presentations remain an integral part of the way we do business today. So in your career, chances are very good you’ll find yourself standing in the front of the room, and soon. Which means you must master some killer presentation skills, the sooner the better.

In high school, you dreaded finding a date for the prom. In college, you sweated over those end-of-year exams. And those job interviews? They’re anxiety storms. None of those things, however, made your stomach churn and your knees wobble like public speaking. That’s okay. You’re not alone. After all, 75 percent of us fear this necessary part of doing business.

Whether they’re comfortable with public speaking or not, however, 70% say presentations are critical to their job.

An Effective Presentation

As is true with so many things, preparation and planning breed confidence. This infographic from The Business Backer provides a step-by-step guide to planning, preparing, and delivering an effective presentation. By walking you through the process, it alleviates some of that fear of being out front, of making a mistake. Follow this advice… and you’ll be more than confident enough to grab that clicker and walk to the front of the room.

A skilled, confident presenter shines in the spotlight. So master these killer presentation skills… and take your career to a whole new level!


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