Startup Job: Where to Find the Excitement and Adventure

startup jobWorking for a hot new startup company can be very exciting. With a startup job, your career path is wide open. And if an important action needs to be done, the chance to take the reins is often up for grabs.

The risks are higher at a start-up, of course. But so are the chances for recognition. The pay might not be as high as it would be working for an established corporation. But if you choose wisely, you could end up working elbow-to-elbow with an as-yet unsung visionary, and learn a lot in the process.

At many start-ups, the sky’s the limit.

Positions in up-and-coming startups are not as easy to find. They’re often unadvertised. And tracking them down is not as simple as browsing the corporate webpage’s lob listings.

So, how can those with a taste for adventure find jobs at startups?

Do What Moves You

Before you take the first startup job that comes your way, it’s probably a good idea to decide exactly what the ideal job would look like. First, what are you passionate about? Remember, working for a startup often requires long hours of high-pressure work, so it’s best to attempt to find employment with one operating in a field that you’re intrigued by.

Speaking of Moving…

You should also decide whether you’re willing to relocate for your startup job, and if so, where you would want to go. Cross off places you’d definitely not like to call home. This will help you narrow your search, and ensure that you don’t end up living in a place you despise in order to keep a cool job.

Are You a Gambler?

Think about your tolerance for risk. If you want stability, then casting in your lot with a nascent business still hacking its way out of the weeds might not be your best choice. Although some folks say that’s where the real excitement is.

On the other hand, a burgeoning, rising star startup may not have that same “us against the world” feeling as one still finding its legs, but the salary is likely to be better, and the odds of suddenly being without work are substantially lower.

Look for the Limelight

When choosing a startup to work for, go for something buzz-worthy. If everyone’s talking about it, there’s probably a good reason. Do your homework, and you’ll be more likely to have a promising future.

Start Making Connections

Landing a job at a hot startup is all about networking. Seek out communities of entrepreneurs and attend their events. Get to know the key players. Ask if they’d be willing to let you pick their brains in exchange for lunch. And once you’ve set your sights on a specific company? Find opportunity to tell them why you’re a perfect fit for their business.


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