5 Tips for Finding Success on Your Personal Timeline

finding successSuccess is a funny concept. For many, it’s an ideal that has a specific set of milestones. You need to have this title by date X, or make a certain amount of money by year Y. In the real world, however, the idea of finding success isn’t quite so cut and dry.

If you really want toward finding success on your own timeline, consider the tips below.

Create a Plan, Not a Schedule

The first step toward finding success on your own timetable is divorcing the concept of success from a timeline, any timeline. Sure, it’s great to achieve certain goals around the same time as certain life milestones. But ultimately it’s better to follow a plan that will help you along your route.

Consider the path to success as an exploratory journey rather than a road trip. Your goal is to make it to certain points on the path, not to beat a specific time. If you are able to plan your goals according to the steps you need to take, you can avoid some of the pitfalls of tying yourself to artificial timelines.

Learn How to Sacrifice

What’s hard about working on your own pace is that you will miss out on certain life events. Learning the meaning of sacrifice early on is the best key to success, because it will allow you to make the harder choices as you move forward. While there’s nothing fun about giving things up, those who are successful know that pursuing their dreams usually means deferring what they want. A sacrifice today can lead to success tomorrow.

Find an Income Stream

If you read the stories of the truly successful, you’ll notice they stop worrying about their day jobs at some point. For most people, this means finding a stream of income that’s won’t take up all their time as they pursue their goals. Look into turnkey businesses or house flipping, for example, as methods of creating an income stream that won’t require a nine-to-five schedule. Once you solve the money problem, you can more easily look for ways to improve your outlook and achieve your goals.

Make Connections

Invest in people, and you’ll receive dividends. Instead of fighting your way to the top, make connections with people who can help you get there. As someone who is marching to the beat of their own drum, your most valuable resources will always be of the human variety.

Invest your time and energy into maintaining smart business relationships. When you’re ready to make your move,  depend on those people.

Be Flexible

Above all else, be flexible in your pursuit of success. Because you’re not married to anyone else’s ideas or timelines, you should evaluate opportunities as they present themselves. While the planning you have done earlier is helpful, be willing to step away from it when necessary.

As many have learned: Giving yourself the freedom to be flexible is a life-changing prospect.

It is possible for you to be a success on your own terms. Go down your own path. Work your own timeline.

Success will come.


kara_mastersonAbout the Author: Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family. Kara recommends looking into Success Path reviews to get an idea of somethings you can do to find success.



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