8 LinkedIn Profile Trends Still Ultra-Relevant in 2017

linkedin profile trendsLinkedIn is changing daily, it seems. But how to use LinkedIn, so far, has not changed all that much. In fact, many of the LinkedIn profile trends from 2016 are still relevant in this new year.

For instance: it is still important to make your profile app friendly, capitalize on the multimedia features, publishing on LinkedIn’s Pulse and show some personality.

But it doesn’t end there. To get ahead today, you must maximize the returns from your LinkedIn efforts.

Here are eight LinkedIn profile trends still ultra-relevant in 2017:

1. Tie in Achievements to Demonstrate Your Skills

Yes, you should use all 50 of your allowable skills on LinkedIn. But make sure you have achievements outlined for at least the top 10. You know, the skills you’ve selected in the content of your profile, in your summary or employment sections.

Don’t just say you have the skill. Demonstrate you have it, too.

2. Make Your Executive LinkedIn Profile Dynamic

Most people think once LinkedIn Profile content is written, it’s static. Most think it’s the resume that you change and customize. I suggest changing your tagline or first summary sentence more than occasionally to test keywords and reactions to your profile. Also, if appropriate for you, the change to your profile can be announced to your network if you enable that setting and your job search is not confidential.

3. Mind the Character Count in Your LinkedIn Summary

Pay attention to the first 170 characters and the first 363 characters in your LinkedIn Profile Summary. As evidenced by this screen shot of my own profile on a mobile device, only up to the first 170 characters of your profile show up on mobile app screens without having to open the profile. The first 363 characters are shown on your desktop profile. The profile has to be opened entirely to read the rest of the summary, making the first 170 characters (on mobile) or the first 363 characters (on desktop) the most important part of your LinkedIn Summary.

4. Market Your Company on Your Executive LinkedIn Profile

When you are working, use your profile to market your company to the outside world. First, this will squelch any thoughts that you are looking for a job, if after all, you are marketing your organization. Second, competitors will see this as a savvy use of one’s executive LinkedIn Profile and be interested in acquiring this type of thinking for their executive team. Third, your employees, vendors and clients learn more about you and will be impressed by the care you take with your brand, assuming you have the talent and expertise to back it up.

5. Reorder Your Executive LinkedIn Profile Sections

If you want to showcase one aspect of your background and downplay another part of your history, you can take advantage of reordering your profile sections to accomplish this. It is more common to bring what you want seen first to the eye of the reader.

This is one of the most critical LinkedIn profile trends. For each position that interests you, showcase the most important aspects of your profile first.

6. Optimize LinkedIn Group Reach

You can now join up to 100 LinkedIn Groups, which maximizes your three degree reach even further with all of the group members of these 100 groups as part of the search results. Get the most out of generating job search leads. Be strategic.

7. Expand Your Search Capacity Naturally

Once you join the most relevant groups for your goals, you can perform searches more readily now in each group using the search function in the new LinkedIn Groups layout. Bonus: These searches do not count against the limits for advanced searches one does with their LinkedIn membership.

8. Make Your Name More Useful

Make your name more powerful by putting what you do or your title at the end of your last name in your last name field. Check your LinkedIn Terms & Conditions before doing this to see if it is in alignment with the most current version. Putting your function/title in your last name field after your last name helps with your profile’s keyword optimization and punctuates to users what you do in a glance.

Want to get ahead in 2017? Leverage these eight LinkedIn profile trends. You will make the most of your profile. You will maximize your investment… in you.


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