Job-Hopping: The Pros and Cons of a New Economic Reality [Infographic]

For previous generations, the American Dream consisted of a good job that lasted from graduation to retirement. That just doesn’t happen today, and most recent graduates wouldn’t want it to. Most young people entering the workforce often seek new experiences, new challenges, and new measures of success. At the same time, the modern workforce has come to expect a certain amount of job-hopping.

But is that a good thing?

The Pros and Cons of Job-Hopping

Before you decide to plan your career around multiple jobs, consider the pros and cons of changing jobs often.

And use this infographic from Ajilon to help evaluate your options. On the one hand,job-hopping helps you build a catalog of experiences for a versatile resume. It exposes you to a broader range of responsibilities and cultures. These things could make you the ideal candidate when your dream job comes along. In addition, meeting and working with more people feeds your personal and professional networks.

On the other hand, you set yourself up for questions about your loyalty and sense of responsibility. You might miss out on promotions and opportunities to advance. You might even sacrifice job security. After all, your track record could mean you’re the first to go when cutbacks become necessary.

Chances are, you’ll change jobs several times in your working life whether choose to or not. That’s just the new reality. Consider the information below. In the end, the American Dream is whatever you want it to be.

Maybe job-hopping appeals to you more now. Or you’ve always preferred a steadier career. Either way, weighing the pros and cons of job-hopping now makes a world of sense.





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