College Activities that Help You Build Career Skills

career skillsIn our current job market, some are saying a bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma. So smart college students are developing relevant career skills to separate themselves from the pack.

Making the move from college to starting your career can be an exciting or stressful time for fresh graduates. There are so many variables, of course. Success depends on their preparation, major and chosen field. And a whole host of factors that are outside anyone’s control come into play.

So how do college grads develop valuable career skills to boost their resume? How do they improve job prospects after graduation?

Here are five ways to help you build your career skills before graduation!

Join Career Related Societies

Know what you might like to do after you graduate? Join a related society on campus. For example, want to be a paramedic? Work hard to be involved with the campus emergency services while in college. You’ll learn and apply some of the real skills you may use later. You’ll also develop valuable contacts and networks that may serve you well later. No matter what your major, there are societies or organizations covering the major areas of study.

Attend Campus Talks and Networking Events

Many talks will be organized by student societies or by the departments themselves, and they are great places to mingle with your peers, professors, and outsiders who attend. Get on the email lists of any department or society you are interested in to see what events are coming up.

Get Involved in Student Government

Whether related to your area of study or to student life at your college, student government is a great way to learn relevant career skills. In-demand skills to learn include leadership, project and event management, and networking. If you have leadership or management aspirations, this is a good way to cut your teeth.

Check Out Local Meetups

Getting involved in activities off-campus is a great way to expand your network beyond your circle of peers and classmates. Sites like hold meetups and networking events on everything under the sun. There are over 140,000 active groups worldwide, with the highest concentration of groups in the biggest cities. The main skill you’ll be developing at meetups is networking. Depending on the meetup you choose to go to, though, you’ll learn a wide variety of skills and activities.

Give Back with Community Work

Giving back to the community looks great on a resume, and if you get involved with a cause that is important to you, it gives you something to talk passionately about in an interview. You can learn a wide variety of career skills, depending on the type of community work you choose, but will also develop valuable interpersonal skills like empathy and teamwork.

The common theme in all of these is networking; if you find an area of interest or activity you are passionate about, the best thing you can do is get more involved and develop a related network.

Success in the job hunt today is about a combination of who you know, what you know, and what kind of commitment you have to continued learning and development of new skills.


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