21 Grammar Rules for Effective Communication [Infographic]

In today’s highly competitive job market, being able to communicate quickly and effectively is a must. So using grammar rules correctly – on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and even on social media – is often key factor in landing the job you want.

Grammar Rules and Your Career

It’s not just about getting the job, though. Employees who use grammar correctly are more likely to succeed at their jobs. The reason is simple: their writing and speech reflect a level of professionalism that decision makers notice. So solid communication skills help secure a job, keep a job – and help you earn promotions.

The problem is that grammar rules, at least in the English language, can be rather convoluted. To help you recall your high school English classes and present yourself in the best possible light, take a look at this infographic from GrammarCheck. These 21 grammar rules cover the basics and also help you avoid the most common mistakes. From verb tense to active voice, it’s in here!

Know and follow the rules of grammar. Your career will thank you for the effort!


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