A Job Search Playlist: The Solution to Your Job Search Problem [Infographic]

We now have instant access to countless apps to make everything simpler. From navigating traffic. To finding coupons for the best deals. And also for managing our music playlists. Indeed, these tools have made many aspects of our lives easier and more organized. And yet, many of us struggle with a job search problem.

Think about the typical process. You find a job that interests you. In fact, it interests you so much that you grab your resume from wherever you can find it, your smartphone, tablet, laptop or the cloud and you fire off an application. Trouble is, you don’t know which application was sent to who. Hence, you don’t know how to prioritize your applications. You don’t even know when to follow up, or to whom.

So what’s the solution to the job search problem? Creating a job search playlist.

Just like a playlist helps you save and listen to your favorite songs, a job search playlist can help you better track and apply to jobs. The infographic below, created by Rake, outlines some of the challenges faced by job seekers today. More important, provide some helpful ways to keep your job search organized.

Enjoy the read. Then consider making your own “job search playlist.”


job search problem


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