What to Wear: Cracking the Office Dress Code [Infographic]

Every workplace is different in many ways. The culture, atmosphere, and environment of your current job may be very different from anything you’ve experienced before. Even the office dress code can be a source of anxiety. As a result, you might find yourself standing in front of your closet wondering what you’re going wear.

So what you need is an easy to read guide to help you crack the office dress code and fit in from day one.

Cracking the Code

This infographic from London-based clothier, T. M. Lewin, provides the key to deciphering the dress code. It then gives you with a rundown of what is, and is not, acceptable in each of the dress code categories: business formal, business professional, business casual, small business casual, or creative.

Knowing what to wear at new job is essential. Now you can look your best from day one.


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