College Experiences You Need on Your Resume [Infographic]

The time you spend in college is often the most important time of your life. While your education is certainly a significant part of that, your growth as a person is about more than just learning. In fact, extra-curricular college experiences that go beyond the classroom can be the key to future success. And you need have them on your resume.

The competition for entry level jobs is more fierce than ever before. The truth is, 58% of hiring managers say they aren’t planning on hiring entry-level graduates at all this year. Since 66% percent of hiring managers don’t believe recent graduates are adequately prepared, that statistic makes sense.

Faced with a difficult career path, college students need to whatever they can to stand out from the crowd after graduation.

This infographic from Boundless suggests 14 college experiences that can help you create a powerful resume. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, it’s never too early, or too late, to get started. So go ahead… gain the kind of college experiences that will make you rise above the competition.

It’s your future. Begin creating it today!


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