4 Boss Types and How To Turn Them Into Your Biggest Allies

boss typesThere are many boss types that you will run into when entering the working world. Each of them brings their own unique problems, but there are ways to turn said problems into advantages.

Here are four boss types you might have in your life. And four ways to turn them into diehard allies.

The Hands-off Boss

For some it’s a dream, for others, it’s a nightmare, for most, it’s a mixture of both. The hands-off boss can be one of the more confusing boss types. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage.

Enhance your communication skills | With a hands-off boss, you need to know when to ask for guidance. You also need to know when to do something yourself. Learning this is key to developing your communication skills in the workplace, which is an invaluable asset to have. Knowing when to speak up and knowing when to shut up will keep you in your boss’s good books.

Show initiative | If your boss is the hands-off kind, it’s most likely that he or she wants you to come up with your own ideas and be interdependent. Show initiative in meetings, one on ones and in your day-to-day working life. You will gain a lot of skills which will only aid you as you move up the ladder.

Become a leader | If you are on a team with a boss who keeps out of the projects, you can step into a leadership role. Shoot for one that shows your boss you are capable of big things and help them with their job.

The Micromanager

Some bosses like to leave you to do your job. Other boss types like to know every small detail which can be just as daunting.

Seek them out | If your boss likes to micromanage, the best way to turn them into an ally is to give them what they want. So, seek them out for advice and guidance and check to make sure they are happy before completing tasks.

Build trust | You can voice your opinion. But the more you keep your distance and do as you are told the more you build trust.


The BFF doesn’t want to be your boss. They want to be your friend. While this may sound great, it can come with its own set of unique hassles. But there are a few things that you can do to maintain a good relationship.

Follow their lead | If your boss wants to be your best friend, don’t shun them to avoid awkwardness. This will only enhance the problem. Instead, follow their lead and don’t overstep the bounds they have already put in place.

Gain a mentor | A boss that wants to be your friend will often go over and beyond to keep you happy. So use this to your advantage. Ask them to be your mentor to gain significant knowledge of your company as well as the business. Doing so will only benefit your relationship with them.

Climb the ladder | A lot of people don’t enjoy the blurred lines that accompany the best-friend-boss. So if you are one of the few to embrace this, you will be on the top of the list when it comes to promotions. This doesn’t mean “suck up”, just follow the above points and let it play out in your favor.

The Perfectionist

You have checked your work ten times. But your boss still isn’t happy because the font is not to their liking? The perfectionist boss can cause a lot of headaches, but here’s how you turn them into an ally.

Appeal to their nature | If your boss is a perfectionist, you need to appeal to their perfectionist tendencies. When completing a project, point out something that could be a little better. Then watch their face light up with glee.

Sharpen your skills | Perfectionists can be annoying. But one positive of having a boss that’s a perfectionist is the fact that you will comb over every small detail in your work before sending it to your boss. Knowing that the smallest thing might cause your boss an insurmountable amount of pain will make you extra careful when completing your tasks. This will help you sharpen your skills and keep your boss happy in the process.

Whether your boss is hands-off, a perfectionist, or a micromanager, there is always something you can do to make your working life a lot easier.

Take note of the tips above. And put them into practice when you meet your new boss. Good luck!


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