Morning Motivation: The Science of Getting Started [Infographic]

You’ve had one of those days. You know, the ones where there’s a million things to do. Your voicemail is full. Worse yet, your inbox is in triple digits. And then you realize it: you have nowhere near enough energy. Even coffee isn’t helping! So what you need… is a little morning motivation.

A Little Morning Motivation

The morning launch is often one of the most difficult parts of our day. In fact, researchers at the University of London have discovered that the work that confronts us each day can slow us down as much as a sleepless night.

Researchers, however, have also come up with ways to overcome those feelings, as shown in this infographic from NetCredit. Here, you’ll see a host of scientifically tested methods to help get you started each day. Take a look. Then hit the ground running toward an efficient, productive day.

With some morning motivation, greet each day with purpose. Stop procrastinating. Then confidently proclaim, “I got this!”


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