Searching Social: Finding a Job on Social Media [Infographic]

Over the last decade, the number of employers searching social media accounts has increased 500%. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become the go-to solution for hiring managers.

Yes, social media searches are still used to evaluate candidates after they apply. But an increasing number of HR professionals are actively searching online to proactively find candidates.

So careful management of your entire online persona has become essential to a successful job search.

Everything public is fair game. From poor grammar to indiscreet photos and language, everything matters. It isn’t even a good idea to keep your profiles private as 41% of hiring managers say they are less likely to hire a candidate they are unable to find on social media.

A Make or Break Proposition

To help you navigate the complex interaction between social media and your job search, we present this infographic from It shows, quite clearly, that social media can be a make or break proposition. Here, you’ll find statistics that reveal the immense power of social sites to make you job search successful. It will remind you, however, that social media can also break your chances of landing your dream job.

Your online persona is rapidly becoming a vital part of your professional self. So read the information below. Then think about what your profiles and social activity say about you.

Social media: It’s not just social anymore.


searching social



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