Workplace Perks: What to Look For and Why They Matter [Infographic]

It isn’t always all about the money. In fact, about 70% of those entering the workforce do not consider salary to be their number one concern. For many, workplace perks, company culture, and other non-salary benefits are more important than monetary compensation.

In other words, today’s top talent is willing to sacrifice money for a better work experience.

Why shouldn’t they? Benefits like flexible scheduling, remote work, wellness programs, and paid time off are just as important to nurturing the whole person. And they create that sense of balance that many of us find essential. At the same time, workplace perks like company outings and entertainment options make employees feel appreciated and connected.

What Do Workplace Perks Offer You?

In the end, happy, appreciated, connected employees are more productive and more driven. This infographic from Company Folders, Inc. details some of the workplace perks offered by today’s most successful companies. Take a look to find out what you can expect, and what you should be looking for.

Everyone measures success differently. And higher salary is certainly something to strive for. But salary alone doesn’t ensure success or happiness. And isn’t that what work is really all about?


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