The Science Behind The Morning Person [Infographic]

Don’t you just hate a morning person? They’re so chipper and cheerful at a time when you can barely get moving without your first cup of coffee.

Actually, science suggests there may be certain psychological and physiological benefits to getting up early. It remains unclear if all of those happy morning people are cheerful because they get up early or if generally cheerful people tend to do so. But science seems to suggest that the early bird just might catch the worm.

You Can Be a Morning Person Too

The good news is that science doesn’t just tell us that being an early riser is beneficial. It also gives us some proven methods to help adjust to waking up early.

Take a look at this infographic from CashNetUSA. It details the science behind the morning person and gives you some practical tips on how you can become one of them. It also shows exactly how you might benefit from becoming a morning person yourself.

So rise and shine, my friends! Daylight’s a wastin’!


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