A Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Guide for Career Advancement, Part 2

comprehensive linkedin profileToday we’re pleased to present Part 2 of ‘A Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Guide for Career Advancement‘. In case you missed Part 1, click here.

In yesterday’s Part 1 of this post, we discussed the first 11 points of the 22 point checklist. Part 2 will continue with the remaining items on that comprehensive checklist, helping you set the table for success.

12. Embed Media Elements to Keep the Reader Engaged

If you want to make your profile extra engaging and interesting to keep the reader scrolling down your profile, add media, such as documents, video, images, and audio. Your profile is then morphed into an online portfolio, in essence. Reference these included works in your Summary, so the reader is motivated to keep scrolling to find the specific mentioned work. You can easily embed these links into your summary, work experience, education, project and other sections

Most of all, you will want to make sure the media chosen supports your brand and reinforces your image in a positive manner.

13. Choose the Right Skills

The skills section allows you to the skills you want to be known for. You can choose up to 50. Be careful, though, with choosing the right skills.

The options seem limitless. But here is the place to remember your specialization. So focus only on the skills that make the most sense for your overall profile. Also consider the types of roles you seek. You can reference the job descriptions you are applying to for guides on keywords and phrases to include.

14. Get Recommendations

Colleagues, managers, clients, vendors and mentors are the best kind of social proof. So ask them to provide a recommendation about your work and capabilities on LinkedIn. The more qualitative the recommendation, the better.

Be sure to approve and include the recommendations on your profile. You do not have to feel obligated to return the favor. Offering qualitative recommendations and receiving qualitative recommendation is the key. So they do not need to be reciprocal.

15. Don’t Forget the Endorsements

Endorsements get a bad rap. They are too easy to get from your network. You might even get endorsed for skills you don’t want to showcase or don’t even have. Have no fear. You have complete control over what skills get endorsed, the order they are showcased, as covered in Section 12. When you choose the right skills, then your connections will be able to provide endorsements for your skills. Choose to keep the most relevant and pertinent endorsements. It is OK to delete endorsements for topics not pertaining to what you want to be found or recruited for.

LinkedIn endorsements are important, regardless of your opinion of them being too easy to obtain or possibly diluting your recommendations. You can choose to be endorsed and get notified when you are endorsed. This way, you can say “Thank You” to your endorser. This is a great way to network and an opportunity to open up a dialogue.

16. Rearrange Sections to Showcase Your Best Self

Did you know that you can rearrange the sections of your profile? That you can customize what you see as most important? And showcase what puts you in the best light? You can! Look for an icon the upper right hand corner of each section for moving LinkedIn sections. Then arrange your profile based on what your target audience wants to know about you.

17. Decide To Include Personal Details or Not

It may (or may not!) be obvious for you to include your personal details. For US job seekers, it is not necessary to include the personal details. For those seeking positions outside the US, including birth date and marital status are more customary. Evaluate your goals and determine if you might choose not to include these pieces of information on your profile.

18. Align Your Profile Data to Your Resume Information

In most job application scenarios, hiring managers will find your LinkedIn profile after they have reviewed your resume. Therefore, it’s important that your resume and LinkedIn profile are aligned with accurate information across both mediums.

Everything needs to align; it doesn’t have to be word-for-word, but the dates, titles, information, skills, and so on, need to match up. Not having these two documents in alignment can thwart the job search process. It can also put into question a candidate’s trustworthiness when they are misaligned.

19. Your LinkedIn Profile Should be Mobile Friendly

40% of LinkedIn users use the LinkedIn Mobile apps (LinkedIn Mobile, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Connections, etc). Yes, the info found on a computer is the same found on a mobile device. However, the layout and functionality are different. As a result, there are a few things that deserve extra attention. For example, pay attention to the first 73 characters of your tagline. And the first 42 characters in your LinkedIn Profile Summary as well.

To know for certain how your profile appears on a mobile device, check it out on your own phone.

20. Activity and Engagement are Important

A huge value is placed on engagement. Participating in groups and liking content shared by connections and group members are among the many ways to engage. Now, when someone looks at your profile, they can see how active you have been. They can also see how often you have posted or shared relevant information. So, as you can see, staying current with your engagement is as important as ever!

Update your status on a regular basis. That way, your network can see what you are doing and also stay top of mind. Status updates can be as simple as a link to an article you found interesting. It can also include information about an event you are attending or a presentation you are giving. Posing a question to your network qualifies as engagement. So does  helping a member with an answer to their query.

Remember, having a robust LinkedIn profile is only one piece of the “getting more views on your profile” puzzle. Engage with other members, which inspires views to your profile. Finally, be active in your groups and with your connections. You will see profile views increase.

21. Update Your Connections

On a monthly basis, update your contacts that you include in your list of LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn gives you a powerful tool to expand your network. Go to My Network, and click on Connections. Then click on the star wheel to the right to access adding your Gmail contacts. You can also other import contact files to invite to your network.

Additionally, under My Network, choose “Add Contacts” and LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to add individuals. This is done one-by-one. Or choose your email provider to sync your contacts with your profile connections.

22) Complete Your Profile 100%

Your 100 percent complete profile is prominently displayed in the LinkedIn search results. This, for job seekers, is critical. So follow the prompts in completing your profile. Do you have a gap? Currently unemployed? Don’t leave that field empty! This in one of the checklist items that LinkedIn considers when determining how complete your profile really is. And there are creative, yet accurate, ways to give yourself a current employer section.

So now we know that having a powerful (and complete!) LinkedIn Profile is an important element of your job search. 

Implementing these checklist items enables you to feature a profile guaranteed to attract hiring managers. And, when combined with view-building activities, greatly increases your opportunity for your next great-fit position!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Chameleon Resumes.


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