Use Every Source Available to Uncover Creative Job Postings

creative job postingsRecruiters are branching out and trying new ways to attract candidates. From featuring pictures of employees having fun on the job to a-day-in-the-life  interviews, companies are luring candidates with creative job postings in many places besides job boards.

Why would a recruiter go this extra mile to post jobs in other places?

One reason is to attract people who are already working and who aren’t actively job seeking. Another reason is to meet candidates where they are active. According to LinkedIn’s recent research, employers face the following hiring challenges:

  • 83% of talent acquisition leaders say that hiring key talent is the #1 priority in their organization
  • 56% expect their hiring volume to increase in the coming year
  • More than 80% acknowledge that employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire talent

Recruiters have found that candidates are more selective and want more information about a company before applying. Companies that do a better job showcasing their company culture and perks through creative job postings have a better chance at catching the attention of finicky job seekers.

Job boards aren’t the only place employers go to announce jobs. Have you tried these?

The Company’s Career Page

A company’s career page often features job postings and a glimpse of company work culture. But the quality information doesn’t stop here. So look for links to the social media platforms the company uses. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles give you the opportunity to learn what the company is up to. They also help discover job postings not listed publicly. And the real bonus: use social media to interact with people managing the online accounts!

Hashtags On Social Media Can Unlock Jobs

If you haven’t identified target companies you would like to work for yet, you can search social media platforms to find jobs using a hashtag, or number sign. Try searching Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest for your new job using the job title preceded by the hashtag, for example: #webdesigner, #customerservice or #accounting. You can also try #job to find openings. If you chose this option, you’ll have to sort through many different jobs, but you will learn which companies use social media to promote jobs.


If you are already using Instagram to catch up on sports news, get the scoop on the latest nail color or follow your favorite coffee shop, then you know companies are using Instagram to connect with customers. Employers are trying to lure employees using Instagram, too. Go ahead and follow your favorite companies to keep up with their career news.


Similar to Instagram, some recruiters have tried sharing job postings on Pinterest to attract candidates. See if any of the companies you are interested in working for have an account and pinboard for career opportunities.


Don’t dismiss this popular network as a source for job announcements. You may find a friend sharing a job opening through a status update on Facebook. Or a company highlighting a new opportunity on their Facebook page. Facebook groups also serve as a way for recruiters to list new jobs. Look for groups on Facebook relevant to your occupation or industry or perhaps even the city you want to work in.


Craigslist may be the place you go to find a deal on a new-to-you purchase. But it can also be a place for creative job postings. Craigslist serves as another vehicle for recruiters to post jobs where they know people are already spending time browsing. As with any job posting, be smart and practice digital defense. Never share social security numbers or other personal information online or through email. And be sure to check the background of the company and people you are interacting with.

Talk With People

How do you beat the odds and stand out as a candidate for a job? Start talking to people inside a company before the job is posted. After all, referred candidates have a much better chance of getting interviewed and hired. Start your search by making a list of people you know and begin networking.

LinkedIn (Obviously)

LinkedIn offers a comprehensive job board. The newest features within LinkedIn provide you with more information about culture and the career paths of people in similar roles. So go to LinkedIn and start looking for jobs, internships, volunteer opportunites and much more.

Gig Work

Either as a side gig or to keep your skills fresh, project work is a great option. Also, if you do a great job, who knows, the company may hire you full-time. Check out these popular sites:

In today’s market, companies are going out of their to find and attract skilled employees. By posting their openings in places that skilled job seekers visit every day, they increase their exposure beyond job boards. So be on the look out for these creative job postings. After all, you don’t want to let your dream job slip through your fingers.


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