What to Do When Your Personal Dream Job Says “No, Thank You”

personal dream jobYou applied for your personal dream job, maybe you even got an interview, but then you didn’t land the position.

It hurts, of course. But this kind of failure has happened to everyone. Here are a few tips for picking yourself back up after you’ve been rejected from a job…

Remember, Your Rejection Isn’t Personal

You didn’t get the job because you didn’t have any appealing qualities or qualifications. It’s likely that someone else’s resume better fit their needs, or someone else’s interview demonstrated that they would fit better into the company culture. You aren’t unhireable; someone else was just a better fit.

Ask for Feedback

The best way to figure out why you did not get the job is to ask for feedback. Ask them for the factors, like education and experience, that the successful candidate had that you lacked. You might not get a response to this request, but if you do, you can pinpoint factors about yourself that need improvement.

Get More Experience

One reason you might have been rejected from your personal dream job was that you lacked experience someone else had. That might mean completing new trainings or an additional degree. Or, it could mean volunteering or completing an internship. Figure out what could make you more hireable, and then complete those steps so you’re ready when a new opportunity presents itself.

Figure Out Why You Wanted that Job So Badly

Spend the time to figure out what appealed to you most about that “dream” job. Make a list of the characteristics that made the job so great. Was there a collaborative team environment at the company? Did they offer flexible hours? Would you be working in a particularly appealing area? Once you pinpoint what it was that made this job so dreamy, you can begin to look for similar positions.

Always Give 110%

It’s sometimes hard to put in extra effort to a job you’re not even sure you’ll nab. But do it anyway! A good rule of thumb is to put in 100 hours of work to get the job. Even if you’re rejected from your dream job again, you did everything right.

Believe it or not, there will be another dream job coming your way. In fact, many dream jobs turn out to be not so dreamy. In the end, you may glad things worked out the way they did. So be patient. And stay positive. You’re going to be just fine.


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???????????????????????????????About the Author: James Hu earned his bachelor’s of Information Systems and Finance from University of Washington. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Jobscan. James has also enjoyed work experiences at Boeing, Microsoft, Groupon, Kabam Games, and a start-up of his own. Through his work in the United States, China, and Spain/Gibraltar, James truly integrates a global mindset into his career. In his free time, he also enjoys water sports and backpacking. Follow James on Twitter.



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