The Importance of Excellent Communication Skills for Job Seekers

excellent communication skillsYou’ve seen the requirements in nearly every job description. Every company wants every employee to possess excellent communication skills.

But what does “excellent written and oral communication skills” really mean?

The oral and written communication skills you will need to succeed in a job vary from role to role. Of course, giving presentations or writing reports isn’t required of every job. But every role will require you to write concise email messages. And you also will be expected to interact well with coworkers. Sure, you already know this.

As a candidate for a job, how can you prove your oral and written communication skills? You don’t want to wait for the interview to demonstrate your conversational abilities. Same goes for how well you succinctly answer a question. So don’t let your resume and cover letter to be the only written material judged.

Here are some ideas to help you showcase your excellent communication skills, oral and written… before the interview.

Proving Your Excellent Communication Skills

One way to prove you have the oral and written communication skills you claim is to provide evidence. But what type of evidence do you have and where do you put it?

One way to identify the skills you need to prove is to read job descriptions. When you see post after post requiring certain skills, that’s what you want to focus on. For example, have you seen this job requirement?

“Create or deliver presentations”

Your proof:

  • Recreate or adapt a presentation you have given or created.
  • Use a photograph or video of you delivering a presentation.

Embed these files within your LinkedIn profile and on your personal website.

“Write reports, executive summaries and contribute to a monthly newsletter.”

Your proof:

  • Start a blog or use LinkedIn’s publishing platform.
  • Become a guest contributor to a professional association or an industry related newsletter.
  • Press releases, news articles, reports or other business communication you’ve written.

Embed or link to these files in your LinkedIn profile and on your personal website.

Improve Your Communication Skills

We all can get better at communicating and interacting with people. One way to rise to the next level in your career is to develop the oral and written communication skills that will help you stand out. Because no matter what role you want next, how you communicate will always impact your performance. It will also impact how your co-workers and supervisor perceive you.

Want to survive and thrive in today’s work and turbulent economy? Then adopt the philosophy of being a life-long learner.

Your career will not be a single job with a single employer. So transform and reposition your career goals based on the ever-changing demands. As you can imagine, this is going to take really strong communication skills. What are you doing today to develop yours?

Practice and Refine Your Oral Communication Skills

Toastmasters International is a worldwide organization that empowers individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. Visit and evaluate your local club. Then join and reap the benefits of being a member.

At Toastmasters’ 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking®, Darren Tay, Aaron Beverly, and Josephine Lee took to the stage. They captivated the audience with their ability to communicate. Ultimately, they claimed the top three spots in the world’s largest speech contest. Watch their highlight video here.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Typos and grammatical mistakes cast a negative shadow over you on the job and during a job search. It’s super easy to prevent this from happening. Proofread everything your write! Yes, but that takes time and you often miss common errors. Try Grammarly. I’ve been using it for the past several months, in fact, I’m using it as I write this post. It catches mistakes in real-time so you don’t miss them. Grammarly watches everything I type online (emails and blog posts). You can even upload documents you’ve written off-line to double check grammar and spelling.

Take the time to develop, and demonstrate your excellent communication skills… before the interview!


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