Online Personal Branding: Show the World Who You Are [Infographic]

Finding a job today, as many young professionals have learned, is more and more about online personal branding. Specifically, you must show the world who you are… even before the first face-to-face meeting.

So no matter where you in your career, now is a good time to look at your online personal branding.

In fact, before you submit another application… don’t. Instead, take the time necessary to develop or renovate you personal brand. Then create a strategy for keeping it updated and alive. This infographic from Headway Capitol, which presents eleven online personal branding principals, is a good place to start! Each tip, we’re sure you’ll agree, will help your brand as you move forward into an increasingly digital world.

Maintaining a personal brand is never easy. It requires a certain amount of dedication to the task. In the end, however, your career may depend on how the world sees you.

Orr at least the online version of you!


online personal branding




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