10 Proven Tactics for Getting Your Next Promotion Faster

next promotionWhen the opportunity presents itself, you must know how to make sure you don’t get overlooked for your next promotion.

By highlighting strategies such as being proactive, displaying strong initiative to decision makers, and showcasing your leadership qualities… the 10 tips featured here will put you on a path to getting your next promotion faster.

1. Do the Job You Want First, Then Get The Next Promotion

This has been a personal philosophy of mine throughout my career. I always started doing the job above me before I was promoted into it. I never undermined my boss, but when it came time for my boss to be promoted, it made my boss’s promotion come easier knowing I was there to take on her/his job.

2. Take Initiative

Don’t wait for things to happen. Said another way… Go make stuff happen. Don’t always wait for permission. Sometimes asking for forgiveness is the right path since it means you got something done.

3. Select a Department that will Showcase Your Strengths

Don’t be a salmon swimming upstream every time, unless you actually like fighting with management all the time. Find a profession and a culture that complements your work style so you shine and accelerate faster.

4. Make Your Boss’s Priorities Your Priorities

Know your boss’s goals and do the work to support him/her. Period. Your job, in short, is to help your boss get their next promotion.

5. Make Your Boss Look Good

Promote your boss’s achievements. Be an awesome subordinate (whether or not your boss contributes to your success). Many times, if your boss knows you have their back, they will promote you as they go up.

6. Train / Mentor Others Without Having to be Asked

When it comes time to look for those with experience bringing others up through the ranks, when you have mentored others without being asked, you can say you have experience. Goes back to doing the job you want, then getting it.

7. Be the Go-To Person

Ask yourself: Who is the person in your department/company people go to for answers and getting things done? Then ask: It that person me? If it’s not you, you have work to do.

8. Fix Critical Issues No One Else Wants to Tackle

Be the hero. Sounds easy, right? But hero opportunities are rarely assigned. You must volunteer. Find a problem. Fix it.

9. Don’t Lose Sight of the Long-Term Strategy

Show that you have the ability to look long term to demonstrate you have strategic vision. Short-term details will get pegged as a good doer, a worker bee, and not as an effective leader.

10. Prioritize Your Ascent

Don’t leave it to chance. No one will promote you if you are waiting around for it. So make time to develop your skills. Ensure you are the clear choice when the time arises.

Prioritize well. Have your resume ready, your profile updated, and your network primed. Then you’ll be ready to secure your next promotion.


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