Flip the Script: Important Job Interview Questions You Must Ask

job interview questionsYou can prepare for days. But if you don’t think about the job interview questions you’ll bring for the employer, you might not snag the job.

When the hiring manager asks if you have any questions, it’s not just a formality. You must ask questions that will help you decide if you want to work at the company. At the same time, you must let the hiring manager know you understand the company’s culture. And it doesn’t hurt to show you’ve done your research.

So here are a few job interview questions you must ask at your next job interview…

Understanding Daily Responsibilities

If you’re offered the job, you must collect enough information to know if you want to accept the offer. Important questions that help you understand your daily responsibilities can be asked at any point. Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions at any point during the interview to keep up a rapport with the hiring committee.

  • What task or tasks would be the most important for me in my first 60 days as an employee?
  • What does a work day typically look like for someone in this position?

Considering How this Position will Help Your Career

When preparing job interview questions for an employer, be sure to include career path questions. After all, the employer want to see that this position puts you where you want to be. You should be interested in asking these questions so you have a better understanding of how the position will advance your career.

  • Is there anything you would want me to do to ensure I fit well for this position?
  • Do you offer continuing education or training for individuals in this position?

Demonstrating that You’re Motivated

These important questions show that are excited to meet the challenges ahead of you. To demonstrate your interest, you don’t have to wait until they finish asking you questions; instead, you can ask these questions spontaneously whenever they seem to fit well into the conversation.

  • What is a problem facing your company/staff that I could help solve if hired?
  • What factors would indicate a person’s success at this company?

Better Understanding the Company Culture

Hiring managers want to know you understand and value the company culture. Show them you do by asking these kinds of interview questions.

  • What does this company value most?
  • Can you tell me some of the most appealing aspects of your company culture?

Increasing Knowledge of Interact with Others

In your interview prep, consider creating important questions that can demonstrate you work well with others. Don’t be afraid to turn the interview into a conversation, and ask these questions whenever they feel natural to you.

  • What systems are in place that would help me work collaboratively in this position?
  • Are mentors available? Or will I serve as a mentor to others?

Before you get to ask your job interview questions, your resume first needs to impress the hiring manager. Otherwise, the interview never happens. Make sure your resume is persuasive by choosing an exceptional resume template and running it through Jobscan. Jobscan ensures your resume makes it through a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring manager. It matches your resume’s keywords to those listed on the job application.


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???????????????????????????????About the Author: James Hu earned his bachelor’s of Information Systems and Finance from University of Washington. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Jobscan. James has also enjoyed work experiences at Boeing, Microsoft, Groupon, Kabam Games, and a start-up of his own. Through his work in the United States, China, and Spain/Gibraltar, James truly integrates a global mindset into his career. In his free time, he also enjoys water sports and backpacking. Follow James on Twitter.



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