International Internships: Five Reasons Take Your Skills Abroad

international internshipsInternational internships are both exhilarating and frightening. But when you get passed the fear, you will be faced with one-of-a-kind opportunity.

You have a chance to build a career in a foreign company or to build a good base for future career opportunities.

Not only does an internship abroad help you stand out in your career, it will also benefit you personally. If you’re still lingering on the edge of deciding, these 5 reasons will definitely push you over the brink and into international waters.

1. Mingling with the Global Crowd

Networking is extremely important in any industry, in fact, businesses nowadays can’t sustain without connecting and collaborating. International internships acquaint you with professionals outside of your culture.

  • Meeting experts from various countries which will give you a chance to deepen your knowledge of their business practice and knowledge.
  • You’ll make connections that will prove to be very valuable in the future.
  • You’ll build a circle of mentors, friends, and colleagues you can rely on throughout your career.

2. Get the Competitive Edge

Finding a job in today’s business environment is very difficult, Statistics have shown that 50% of undergraduates aren’t employed. In order to get on the front lines and appeal to employers, you’re going to need a competitive edge.

  • International internships are going to give you the edge you need.
  • It will add weight to your resume, and make you different from other applicants striving to get the same job.
  • It will give you better professional opportunities and boost your marketability.

3. Dive into the World of Unknown

Once you step foot into foreign grounds, you’ll be subjected to a whole, new experience that can’t compare to what you’d experience in your own, familiar surroundings.

  • You will gain unique knowledge, skills, and perspective. Anything unique is valuable to any industry.
  • Developing your foreign language proficiency is a valuable asset given the emphasis on global communication in nearly every industry.

4. Raise Your Game to the Next Level

College gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge about your field of interest, but international internships give you an unparalleled education, in terms of skills and experience. Traveling to help your career is one of the biggest steps to take in order to  improve your portfolio and become a desirable asset to companies around the globe.

  • You will develop your expertise and sharpen your skills.
  • You will get insight into the mechanics of global business.

5. Become the Role-Model for Confidence

In a very competitive environment, one thing nobody wants to see is a dispirited, terrified undergraduate who lacks confidence, motivation, and courage.

  • International internships personally benefit you, in terms of confidence as you learn to become independent in a new environment.
  • You’ll make your future pitches more successful and intriguing, due to the confidence and experience gained.

Where to Look for International Internships

If you’re enthusiastic about international internships,  check out this list of websites where you can find great internship offers.

GlobalExperiences | They enable students to take part in internships that are going to bring the not just valuable professional experience, but also enable them to immerse in the language and culture of another country.

IASTE international exchange program | This is a great resource for students in the technical field. If you’re looking for overseas professional opportunities in the fields of architecture, science, engineering or maths, you can apply for one through their website.

Go Abroad | They enable you to find internships all around the world, but at the same time earn college credit. You can search internships based on your length of stay, specific destination, or field of expertise.

World Internships | They have a list of existing internships available right now, and for more budget-friendly internships, they made sure to give you a placement only option, so you don’t have to pay for the accommodation just for the internship itself.

GoOverseas | Similar to Go Abroad, you can simply choose your field of work and desired destination.  Then you can look through the existing programs and offers to find the one that’s best suitable for you.

Every internship is a great challenge. Although getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t seem appealing at first, it’s the only way you’ll get a head start over all the other hungry candidates striving to get the same jobs you want.


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