Ten Amusing Cover Letter and Resume Fails [Infographic]

Everyone makes mistakes. For the most part, we live, we learn, we move on. But when it comes to cover letter and resume fails, the mistakes you make can be devastating.

It’s human nature to laugh at the silly mistakes people make on something as important as a resume. It’s not, however, even remotely funny when it happens to us.

Everyday mistakes like typos, misspellings, and misused words can leave recruiters with the impression that you’re careless. Worse yet, they may feel you’re not terribly interested the job. When that happens, your chances of getting an interview can disappear in an instant.

To help you protect your cover letter and resume from becoming the butt of the joke, check out this infographic from CareerJourney. Here, you’ll see the ten most amusing cover letter and resume fails. If nothing else, use these mistakes as a sanity check for your resume… and make sure you’re not making the same errors in your career collateral and online presence.

Enjoy the quick read. Get a good laugh. Then make sure the joke isn’t on you the next time you apply for a job!


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