Job Preparedness: What Employers Really Want [Infographic]

Everyone wants to know what employers are really looking for, right? Knowing the skills and experience required is a crucial part of job preparedness.

After all, a job search is really an effort to sell yourself to an employer. And you can’t sell something if you don’t know what the buyer wants, or if you have it.

Soft Skills Required!

Many of the skills sought after by employers today fall into the realm of soft skills. These include things like communications and organizational skills. Leadership and time management skills also matter, a lot. The good news? So many of these skills are developed with nothing more than reasonable effort.

Want to understand the skills  most valued by employers? Then take a look at this infographic put together by The Career Advisory Board at DeVry University. With its help, you can focus on improving the skills you have and developing those you need.

As any good salesman will tell you, the customer is always right. So give them what they want!


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