12 Ways to Turn Stress in to Personal Productivity [Infographic]

Life is full of stress. Sometimes, it seems you can’t avoid it. Today, stress is such an integral part of our lives that entire industries have grown up around relieving, managing, and coping with it. But what if it was healthier, however, to embrace stress by increasing personal productivity, and harnessing the energy of stressful situations to insure a successful outcome?

Science Agrees

There is scientific evidence to suggest this different approach to stress is not only possible, but natural. Stress actually stimulates the brain to secrete certain neurotransmitters that improve neural connectivity. Which is why many of us perform better under stress.

Unfortunately, the line between healthy, productive stress management and the detrimental effects of stress, is a dangerous one to walk. During times of stress, it’s vital to take control, to understand, plan, prioritize, and direct that energy towards personal productivity rather than panic.

Whether you are staring a new job, buying a new house, or getting married, life can feel a lot less intimidating if you are prepared. Make lists, open dialogues, and address your concerns rather than sit around obsessing over a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

A Stress Free Life

You may want a simple, stress free life, but that’s just not going to happen.

With that said, life doesn’t have to involve destructive levels of anxiety. For advice on how to make the most of some of life’s most stressful situations, check out this infographic from NetCredit.

Take a deep breath, face up to your fears, and make your stress work for you. Life will always present you with challenges; own your stress and face life head on.


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