Productivity 101: The Peak Time of Day for Everything You Do [Infographic]

We’re all busy. Too busy. And our to-do and task lists just seem to get longer and longer. But are we going about those tasks in the right way? Is it time for a Productivity 101 class?

If you’re like members of the team here at YouTern, you may not have known there are peak times of the day for everything you do. Which is why we love this infographic from NetCredit. Here, backed by science, we learned that things we all do have an optimum time time for completion.

From when to eat breakfast, take our first coffee break and grab a nap, it’s in there. But the infographic doesn’t start and stop with the obvious. Stuff like when to schedule an interview and make important decisions is in here, too.

Take a look. Then leverage some of this well-intended advice. Who knows: maybe you won’t need that Productivity 101 class after all.





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