5 Reasons Dissatisfied Employees Stay at Jobs They Hate

dissatisfied employeesThere was a time, not too long ago, when I was waking up every single day in complete  agony over the thought of going into work like so many other dissatisfied employees. Sounds miserable, huh?

Well it was, and as much as I hope you’re not going through something similar, the sad reality is that so many people are. Too people many become dissatisfied employees. It makes me upset just thinking about it because we spend too much time at work to hate it.

You’ll be happy to know that I got myself out of that situation. It wasn’t something, however, that happened overnight. It was something I worked on relentlessly for months, and eventually, I got exactly what I wanted. I got a new job doing something that I love, and I’ve never been happier.

So when I look around and see so many dissatisfied employees at work, I ask myself, “why the heck do they stay?”

These are some of the answers I’ve come up with…

The Money Is Good

I’ve stayed at a job for money before, sure I have. That’s actually why it took me so long to make my career change now. For a long time, I thought that taking any kind of pay cut would mean I had failed, and that’s not something I wanted to face. I had worked too hard to get to a salary level that I was comfortable with, and I wasn’t willing to accept anything short of it.

But then thankfully, I realized that it wasn’t failing if I was taking myself out of a miserable situation and making it better. So I took a $10k+ pay cut, and I don’t regret it one bit because truth is, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to start moving in the right direction. Moral of the story, don’t let money hold you back.

They Don’t Think They’ll Find Anything Else

Often, dissatisfied employees really believe that they’ll never find another job. They think they’re too old or too young or that they don’t have the skills to do anything else. If you’re one of those people, message me please, so I can go find you and slap you, because that’s never the case. Now I’m not going to bull shit you. It’s not easy to find a new job. Anyone who tells you that it’s easy is a freaking liar. It takes preparation, it takes time, it takes a lot of research, and most importantly it takes action.

So be honest. Is this whole “thinking that you won’t find anything else” really just a cover for “I’m too lazy to try?” You’re never too ANYTHING to find a new job, so if you want it, get off your butt and go after it!

They Do Their Job Well

Someone really smart once told me that just because you do a job well doesn’t mean you should be doing it. Hands down, she couldn’t be more right. I’ve been good at jobs before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a job that I totally sucked at. That doesn’t mean that those jobs were the right fit. So to find that perfect job focus on what you’re good at PLUS what you actually enjoy, and ask yourself questions like these to help you get started.

They Have Really Great Benefits

Benefits are a huge deal now. #Adulting is no joke. Retirement plans, life insurance, vacation time, those are all great things. I can understand that people don’t want to lose their benefits. But dude, if you freaking DIE from a heart attack because you’re so stressed out at work and hate your life every day, how much are those benefits really going to matter?!

I’m serious! Vacation time is great! I love vacations! But would I rather enjoy myself two weeks out of the year, or every single day? All I’m saying is that good benefits shouldn’t create dissatisfied employees. I promise, your job isn’t the only place with awesome perks.

They’re Friends With Their Co-Workers

The co-worker dynamic is quite interesting to me. You see, if you’re lucky, you have really bad-ass co-workers. They are people you along with and you can call friends. You do happy hours and go to lunch together. You spend more time with them than you do at home, so they become your family. That’s not a bad thing.

But what IS bad is when your co-workers hold you back from pursing a job you might actually enjoy. When it comes to your career, you gotta do you, and if your co-workers really are your friends, they’ll still stay in touch long after you land your new gig. You’re not dying, you’re just working at a different place, so don’t stay at a job you hate simply because you like who you work with.


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About the Author: Kayla Buell graduated college at the age of 20 with a degree in Health Services Administration. She is currently working as a Regulatory Coordinator in Clinical Research while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration specializing in Human Resources. She has found she’s most passionate about helping young professionals navigate through their first few years as GenYers in the workforce. Follow Kayla on Twitter!



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