First Impressions: A Cheat Sheet for Mastering Job Interviews [Infographic]

First impressions are important. In fact, when it comes to a job search, the first impression is often the only chance you get.

Applications, cover letters, and resumes get you in front recruiters and tell them you have the qualifications necessary for the job. But it’s in the interview where you get to meet representatives of an employer for the first time. It’s your one chance to make that first impression.

You Have to Make It a Good One

So, what do you need to consider when preparing for an interview? Well, everything! What you say, what you know, and what you do all contribute to the professional image you demonstrate when you walk into that interview room.

Think of a recruiter as a piece of undeveloped film; whatever you expose it to in that brief instant, will last forever.

With so much to worry about, how can you ever feel fully prepared? Have no fear. This cheat sheet from .Me will help to keep you focused so that you won’t forget the little things. Take a thorough look at this infographic. Incorporate the solid advice provided. Then make sure your first impression is a good one!


first impressions



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