The Top 5 Mistakes That are Keeping You Unemployed

unemployedWe know that you’re very qualified and would make a great employee. But you’re still unemployed… even after sending off dozens of applications.

One of the reasons for your continued unemployment could be that you’re not crafting the kind of excellent, compelling resume that employers want to see.

Here, we’ll talk about ways you’re not selling yourself as well as you could be in your resume, as well as discussing other reasons you might not be getting the job.

1. Your Resume Isn’t Making It Through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

One of our top job search tips for the long-term unemployed is to make sure your resume is tailored to the particular job you want. Gone are the days you just sent out the same resume to every employer. Use Jobscan to make sure the keywords you’re using on your resume match the skills the employer wants. These days, creating a tailored resume is the only way to end your job hunt and begin the career you want.

2. You Aren’t Choosing the Best Format for Your Resume

One of the best ways to get your resume read and ultimately get a job is by making sure your resume is in a format that best highlights your skills and experience. For example, you could choose a chronological resume format to demonstrate your consistent employment and promotions. Or, if you want to really highlight your skills, you could opt for a functional resume instead. If both sound appealing, a hybrid resume combines elements of both format types.

3. You Haven’t Explained the Reasons for Your “Job Hopping”

If we were going to give you our best advice on how to get an interview, we’d tell you that you need to explain your “job hopping” on your resume. Job hopping is defined as when an employee only stays at recent jobs no more than three years at a time. Since companies want to hire employees who will be with them for the long term, you need to explain why you moved so frequently. Simply list the circumstances for why you left each job on your resume: “laid off due to budget cuts” or “left employment to start graduate school in another state.”

4. You Haven’t Included Measurable Results on Your Resume

Measurable results are so important for effective resumes, especially for the long-term unemployed. Essentially, a measurable result is something you achieved in a position, rather than just a job duty that you, or anybody else, performed. These measurable results should be quantifiable. For example, you could write “increased sales by 15 percent over two years.” You could also write, “introduced six new programs that attracted over 450 students.” Make sure to include at least five measurable results to really make sure your resume is compelling.

5. You Aren’t Nailing the Interview.

There are lots of reasons potential employees stumble in their job search. Interviewing might be the number one reason. Here are some top interview tips. First, dress well and look polished. That might go without saying, but hiring managers can easily be put off by your sloppy appearance. Next, research the company beforehand. This will help you make a reasonable salary request, and to ask smart questions about the company in your interview. Finally, practice with a friend. Practice can help you be ready for curveballs and ease your nerves before the real thing.


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???????????????????????????????About the Author: James Hu earned his bachelor’s of Information Systems and Finance from University of Washington. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Jobscan. James has also enjoyed work experiences at Boeing, Microsoft, Groupon, Kabam Games, and a start-up of his own. Through his work in the United States, China, and Spain/Gibraltar, James truly integrates a global mindset into his career. In his free time, he enjoys water sports and backpacking. Follow James on Twitter.



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