Everything You Need to Know About a Skype Interview [Infographic]

As technology advances, our world becomes a smaller, and more convenient, place. It’s now easier than ever for growing numbers of employees to work remotely. Even before you get hired, though, these technologies can impact your career. Take the prevalence of a Skype interview, for example.

Yes… as a job seeker, you will now routinely face a Skype interview. 

Thankfully, this thorough infographic from Next Generation Recruitment provides all the information you need as a job seeker to execute a Skype interview effectively. It also shares advice for HR professionals, so you can see how they view the use of Skype as an interviewing tool.

As you’ll see, it’s not all that much different than what you’re used to. After all, no matter the platform, job seekers still need to quickly impress the person staring back at them!


skype interview




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