How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Online Reputation [Infographic]

Hey, it’s 2016. By now, everyone knows how important a positive online reputation is to your career. And we all know there are many kinds of social media mistakes that can make you seem unemployable.

As a result of many well-publicized horror stories, most of them are pretty obvious. Racy photos. Foul-mouthed or polarizing rants. And discussions of irresponsible behaviors (drugs, alcohol, etc…) are just a few. Hence, serious job seekers have removed embarrassing posts, comments, tweets, and pictures from their online presence.

So the question is: what else can you do to improve your online reputation?

This infographic from AndyJenkins answers that important question. Here, you’ll see how to go well past scrubbing your social accounts. You’ll learn not to settle for removing negative posts. And by following these tips, you’ll soon be using social media platforms to greatly improve your online reputation.

Rather than leave your online reputation to chance, take action. And make sure the online version of you is one you can be proud of!


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