Post-Interview Follow-up: A Convenient Flow Chart [Infographic]

So, that went well. You did your homework, researched the company, practiced answering typical questions, and dressed to impress. You aced that interview! Now the waiting game begins. You can’t take it. You’re just itching to follow up with a phone call or an email, but how soon is too soon? When is the right time for a post-interview follow up?

You’re in luck! This infographic from Career Bliss provides a handy, step-by-step flow chart for determining the best time to follow up on a job interview. Simply answer a series of yes or no questions and you’ll know the perfect time frame for your follow up as well as the most appropriate type of response.

Waiting is always going to be difficult. At least now, you can relax and not worry about what you should, or shouldn’t, be doing. A job search is stressful enough. Why add to it?





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