Boosting the Skills Section of Your Resume [Infographic]

How does the skills section of your resume stand up to the competition?

One of the first things you’ll learn about the average job search is also one the most discouraging. No matter how many hours you spend polishing your resume, no matter how much money you spend to have it professionally written, recruiters will spend about 6 to 8 seconds looking at it before making an initial determination.

In most cases, they spend that time scanning the skills section to see if your skills meet their requirements. Those that do go in a “possible” file to be read in greater depth later; those that don’t are often filed in that big, blue container with “recycling” printed on the side.

Skills That Get You Noticed

It can be a challenge to determine exactly what skills will get you noticed and earn your resume deeper consideration.

You certainly want to make sure that you list any skills specifically mentioned in the job listing you’re applying for. However, many recruiters are also looking for the so-called “soft” skills that can indicate how well you’ll fit into the company culture.

Boosting Your Skills Section

You have so many skills.  Some you were born with, some you have endeavored to learn, still others have developed through experience. So how do you decide what to list on a resume that will get you more than a 6-second scan?

This infographic from UpToWork will help you navigate your lifetime of skills… and decide which ones will boost the skills section on your resume and get you noticed.

You only have 6 to 8 seconds to impress that recruiter. Use your skills section to make the most of the time you have.


skills section



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