5 Bold Tips for Reinventing Your Job Seeker Brand

job seekerThere are times when securing a job is not as easy as it sounds. With the job market booming, it has become harder and harder for a job seeker to find a position that perfectly complements their skills.

On top of that, the job search techniques many of know and trust aren’t that helpful today.

Are you having trouble securing your dream job?

Then it’s high time you took a step back and reinvented your job seeker brand. You don’t have to become someone else in order to secure your dream job; you just have to change your way of thinking when it comes to seeking employment.

Here are five bold tips and tricks that will help you dazzle your next employer, ace the interview, and find the best offers on the market:

1. Contact the Employer Directly

We all know the ABCs of job searching… make a crackerjack CV, a great resume, scroll your heart out for a job position, hit apply, and wait around. But what if we told you there’s another way to secure a position at a company without actually having to go through all those steps?

A popular bit of job advice on the market is to ditch the write-and-wait part and to contact your soon-to-be employer directly. It may sound a bit odd, but it actually works better than submitting your credentials via a job search engine or to an HR department.

There are a couple of steps job seekers should follow in order to pull off this awesome trick:

  • Do a little research beforehand. Try and gather as much information as you can from the internet.
  • Get to know some of the employees. Sometimes the people working in an office can give you more information than a thousand websites. Just try not to make this awkward.
  • Email the employer and say how much you admire the company and its products.
  • If all goes well, your future employer might begin to tell you stuff about job openings and ask if you’re interested.
  • Play it cool and profit.

2. Explore the Job Market

This is probably one of the most ignored pieces of job search advice out there. Most job seekers start and end their search in the same manner: scroll, scroll, scroll, find a great offer, click on it, and the scrolling ceases. After that, it’s all a matter of playing a little game of cat and mouse.

You can end this nerve-breaking habit by doing a little bit of exploration. If you found a job that suits your needs, it would be better to highlight or bookmark it and to continue your search. Search for at least three or four similar applications before forwarding your credentials.

First of all, the more applications you send, the more your chances increase. Second, that one job you’ve been drooling over might not be what you expected, provided you even receive a call from the employer.

So, poke around some more instead of obsessing over only one job. You’ll thank us later.

3. Improve Your Skills

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman in college or someone who just graduated. Learning is, and has always been, an essential part of our lives. To better ourselves is more than just the goal of a job seeker, it’s a thing that we’re stuck with for life.

Another trick used to bag that dream job is to brush up on your skills. Do you fancy yourself a gamer? Then you’ve probably played games like Fallout or the Elder Scrolls. Brushing up on your skills is just like going up a level in any game: the more points you invest in a specific skill, the fewer chances you’ll have to be caught off guard.

Let’s say you’re interested in a job as a book translator. It would be a good thing to brush up on your translating skills before starting your job. That way, it will be easier to learn all the ropes.

Furthermore, it won’t hurt to learn some additional skills as well. Keep in mind that all the things you learn from school or personal experience will help you sooner or later.

Another good piece of advice is to not learn a skill just to secure a job because, if you don’t manage to secure your position, you’ll likely to end up forgetting all the things you’ve learned.

4. Ask for Help From a Professional Job Seeker

Sometimes, even the big league players need a shoulder to cry on. If you don’t know what to do next with your career, then you should definitely head on over to a job seeking agency. Using the services of such a company has many advantages.

The most obvious advantage is that their employees can help you better understand what kind of job suits your skills and aptitudes. Another great advantage is that many job employment agencies work directly with big companies, which basically means that your chances of actually getting a good paying job increase tenfold.

5. Stop Talking and Start Listening

Probably one of the first pieces of advice you’ve received during childhood is to stop talking and start listening to what other people have to say. Although one would think that this kind of tip is given away by a parent or an upset husband or wife, the truth is that job seekers can learn a lot by knowing when to speak and when to keep your mouth shut.

This advice will come in handy when you have to face your employer face-to-face during the interview. Most interview guides state that an interview can be split into several parts: one part where the job seeker has to speak, another one reserved for the employer’s speech, a brief moment of silence and the last part, where both parties are free to ask questions.

It’s very important to know when to speak during the interview, when to listen to what your employer has to say, and when to ask questions. Keep in mind this is not rocket science, it’s only a matter of intuition.

Always remember that, before anything else, it’s all a matter of having the right attitude.

Keep these tips in mind as you reinvent your personal brand… and you won’t have any trouble dazzling your next employer!


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