A 7 Step Negotiation Technique That Never Fails [Infographic]

How many times during your career will you find yourself in the middle of a negotiation?

Wherever you are in your professional journey, fair compensation is important. So from salaries to benefits packages, negotiating well is a necessary step toward accomplishing our career goals.

This often seems almost too obvious. So we fall into the trap of believing that negotiating is a skill we’re born with. Instead, negotiating is something we learn and relearn at every stage of our careers.

So you can tune up on your negotiation techniques, check out this infographic from HeadwayCapital. They do a great job of laying out seven effective tools that will boost anyone’s game at the negotiation table. From implementing a number scale to listening well and being willing to walk away… it’s all in here.

After all, isn’t getting the right gig under the terms you deserve the ultimate goal? Don’t we want to receive fair value for our work?





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