7 Ways To Stand Out Before Your Summer Internship Ends

summer internshipCongrats! You’re approaching the finishing line of your summer internship!

But don’t be too quick to sit back and relax; the journey to your dream career is only just beginning. A summer internship is a fantastic way to put the skills you’ve learned in the classroom into good use. A summer internship will boost your CV, give you the chance to build lasting professional connections, and could potentially lead you into an incredible full-time job offer.

So you should make the most of the remaining weeks of your internship.

Here’s everything you need to do to stand out before your summer internship comes to an end…

1. Do Your Research

This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the number of interns who leave their summer internship knowing very little about the company they are interning for. Be sure to clue-up on the company’s key elements and culture. This will not only impress your future employers, it will make you feel more confident as you explain your contributions and quantify your impact.

2. Network, Network, Network

One of the most valuable aspects of a summer internship is the fact that you get the chance to build lasting connections with professionals in your industry. These last few weeks, make the effort to get to know people and learn from them. These individuals will see first-hand how you work and what you are capable of, and so can be the ones to support you on your way to landing a full-time role.

3. Become a Real Member of the Team

If there is one thing you should have been avoiding, it is treating your summer internship like an internship. Want to be taken seriously? You must take the job seriously as if it were a real, full-time role. If you haven’t begun working with that mindset, start now.

4. Challenge Yourself

A summer internship is your greatest opportunity to develop as a professional individual and step out of your comfort zone. Although it may seem like a daunting prospect, it’s the best way to learn. This will ultimately enrich your professional portfolio. Over these next few days or weeks, leave your comfort zones behind. Find a challenge.

5. Approach You Summer Internship with Optimism and Enthusiasm

Whether you’ve been asked to take on a big project or are simply asked to make photo-copies, get coffee or do other menial work, from this day forward approach each and every task with optimism and enthusiasm. This way, your employer will begin to put their trust in you and will want to remember your name.

6. Ask questions

Never be afraid to ask questions about something you’re unsure of. You’ve earned your place on the team, so now your employer will be more than willing to take the time to explain something in detail. Just be sure to listen carefully. Because your manager will be open to more questions and feedback as your internship comes to end.

7. Ask for Feedback

It is likely that you will receive some form of formal feedback when your internship comes to an end. However, don’t be afraid to ask for more regular feedback now. For example, if you’ve completed a big task, ask your employer how they think you did. So ask, over these next couple weeks, ask what could be doing better. Then be prepared to take constructive criticism and act on what you’ve heard.

Make the most of your summer internship, starting today. Your willingness to continually learn and improve will always impress your employer.


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