Best Possible Problem: How to Choose Between Multiple Job Offers

choose between multiple job offersThe job search can be grueling. You can go weeks without hearing a word from all those employers who received a copy of your resume. But then the best problem presents itself: multiple job offers.

Lucky you! And yet, a couple questions remain unanswered. How do you know which offer is right, right now? And how do you know which offer is best for your long-term career?

Take these questions into serious consideration when you’re evaluating all those great jobs you’ve been offered…

How Will Your Title Look to an Outsider?

Not everyone will understand a quirky culture. Not every organization can equate “Chief Fun Officer” to a real world position. Even traditional “manager” titles can be misinterpreted. For example: Can you easily explain that there are no Director titles even though you had Director responsibilities?

How Will Your Department Name Look to an Outsider?

If you want to get into Public Relations, but this job places you in the Internal Communications department, you might be creating a challenging leap.

Will You Want to Level Up?

In a small business, you get to wear many hats. But if your dream lies on making a big impact at a large firm, how will you position yourself for more specialized roles? Or vice versa; you start in a large company, but are passionate about faster career growth in a smaller firm. How would you build skills for the future position?

Agency or In-House?

This happens a lot. People in the Marketing and Advertising world go from in-house marketing departments to agencies and back again…or do they? Getting pigeonholed as the best Marketing Manager can be difficult to parlay into an agency Account Exec position.

What League Does the Brand Play In?

If you know you want to work in a prestigious luxury company, but you keep taking positions in smaller businesses who service start-ups. In the long run, this may not translate well into a conservative corporate environment no matter your field.

If and when you have multiple job offers, it’s not only about the money. It’s about positioning yourself for the best career move. So always be clear about what you want, choose wisely, and think both short-term and long-term.


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