Work Addiction: Recognize It and Take Back Control [Infographic]

Is work addiction an actual thing?

What is a “workaholic” anyway?

Could I be one?

Though only 10% of the population would be clinically considered workaholics, 27% claim to be. This indicates that while work addiction is, in fact, possible, many people simply feel like they are working too hard, too often, and too long.

Technological advancements like email, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets and wearables often make us feel like we are always connected to our job no matter where we are. They also tend to make us feel obligated.

If you find that you often work outside of your regular job hours, at home, or even when you’re on vacation, it’s possible that you’re a work addict. Do find yourself getting sick often? Do you have difficulty maintaining personal relationships because of the time spent on your job? Are family and friends  expressing concern for your health and well-being? Work addiction may be responsible.

You Can Beat Work Addiction

Thankfully, there are ways to recognize the signs and symptoms of work addiction. More important, there are simple and easy to implement ways to break the cycle and take back control of your life. Finding a balance between work and the rest of your life is essential, not just to your well-being, but to your success as a productive professional.

This infographic from The Business Backer can help you to recognize the signs and symptoms of work addiction. It also offers some tips on how to regain a sense of work-life balance. As they point out: you don’t have to be “always on call” to be productive. In fact, the closer you get to burn out, the less productive you become.

So take a look at the information below. Then find your own balance for a healthier, happier you!


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