Getting Ahead in Freelancing: Learn to Predict the Future

getting ahead in freelancingLet’s say you’re getting the hang of this whole freelancing thing. You’ve answered all the important questions, you’ve mastered organization, and are tracking KPIs. You may think you’re getting ahead in freelancing.

But as you continue you may start to find yourself stuck in a familiar pit: As the jobs add up, you’re only working on the task at hand. With respect to maintaining your bank account balance, this isn’t a bad thing in itself. At the same time, it can make you blend in with the rest of the freelance pack.

So how do you stand out while growing your business? The answer: use innovation for getting ahead freelancing.

Here’s how:

Don’t Just Collect Analytics… Use Them!

Even if you’ve set up all the automatic and manual means to collect data that you can, the numbers mean nothing if you aren’t analyzing them. When and where do you work the most productively? What subjects have been captivating you? Which partners have given you the most positive feedback? The most constructive feedback? Who do you want to continue to work with in the future? What other potential partners have you scouted? How well are you promoting yourself on social media? The list goes on. And each data point helps you when getting ahead in freelancing.

Make sure you’re taking the amount of time required to think about getting ahead freelancing. Step back, at least on a quarterly basis if not more, and conduct a personal inventory of the data you’ve collected. It can keep you from feeling lost.

Become an Expert in Market Trends

Beyond analyzing yourself, make sure you’re also analyzing the market in which you work. No matter your field, look at the latest market trends and try to figure out the direction in which they’re heading so you can predict the next big thing. If you have insights into how your clients can get ahead, you’ll reap the benefits as well. Take a chance and make a suggestion. The worst that can happen is that the client says no and you go back to your original assignment.

But if you keep it up, people will no longer hire you simply to fill their company’s voids. Instead, they’ll seek you out specifically for your opinions on how to make their company better. In other words, you’re now a specialist, not just another pair of hands.

By learning to predict the future, you’ll soon find yourself getting ahead in freelancing!


John-lidingtonAbout the Author: John Lidington founded HireOwl, the leading student freelance work platform, to address the skills gap with our nation’s graduates. HireOwl tackles this problem both by providing students with experiential learning opportunities and by reducing the inefficiencies companies face in hiring students. Follow John on Twitter!



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