A Successful Job Search Requires Wearing New Hats

successful job search means wearing many hatsThroughout a successful job search, you’ll have to wear many new hats. Some of those may not feel very comfortable at first.

Companies are looking for candidates differently than they used to and in order to get found and stand out, you will need to learn new skills and take on many different roles.

Long ago, when looking for a job, all you needed to do was search the Help Wanted section of the newspaper. You typed your cover letter and envelope and inserted a copy of your typeset or photocopied resume. Then you bought a stamp, mailed it to the company and crossed your fingers.

Today, you have the conveniences of online job boards, word processing, and email. But don’t let this fool you. Easy isn’t always the best shortcut. There’s more competition for jobs and some employers are attempting to source candidates through new avenues. This means you’ll have to do more than search the job boards and post and pray.

Self-promotion isn’t easy for most of us. But, it will become a necessary evil for you to master. Not just during job search, but in your new role as well.

Most people possess the skills and attributes that make them successful in their jobs, but a job search requires a different set of skills.  You’ll need to wear a lot of different hats. Here’s just a few…

Business Owner

Manage your career like a business. Assume responsibility and careful oversight to ensure profitable operation. You’ll need to re-invent, adapt and try new things as well.

Graphic Artist

Visuals and multimedia are becoming more popular across social media. Using visuals also increase the time people spend on your page and increases comprehension. Get more eyes on your social media profiles and the marketing materials you create to showcase your career and skills by developing visual content (infographics, photos, logos, etc.). This is becoming increasingly important to your online reputation.

Public Relations Specialist

Managing your online reputation should be as important to you as it is to a company. This includes developing publicity campaigns for your job search, making announcements about milestones or dissolving any negative information about you.

Marketing Manager

Creating unique branding, recognition, and strategies for growing your visibility will enhance your career. This means going out of your way to make sure your personal branding is finely tuned for a successful job search.

Sales Representative

Sales is not a dirty word. In fact, we have to sell ideas all the time. Learning and using consultative selling will help you to manage your career at all times.


Writing convincing material; creating compelling copy; and preparing interesting bios, profiles, and persuasive e-mails all fall under your responsibility now. Today, there is nothing more important to a successful job search than demonstrating your subject matter expertise in writing.


Social media, blogs and your online portfolio pop when you add photos. You need to know enough about photography to take good photos and make sure good photos are taken of you.

Website Designer

Laying out readable, visually enticing web content will improve the popularity of your own site, and knowing the tools and resources available gives you the bells and whistles of the big-time designers.

Social Media Manager

Social media is used to communicate, promote, inform, educate, build community, share ideas, and so much more. Understanding how to use social media for your job search will increase the reach of your message and build stronger ties to people you know. Employers are using it to tap into talent, so don’t overlook the importance or power of social media.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting found online happens when the words in your online profiles, personal website and any content you publish to the web matches the words recruiters are searching for. Knowledge of search engine optimization ensures that anything you post or create online will maximize the right tags and keywords to make it easier to find you in all the right places. Take your time. Learn well. Your successful job search may just depend on how well you know SEO.

Business Consultant

Every business needs a consultant to help solve problems. Whatever occupation you pursue, consider yourself a consultant in that area. Stay up on trends and provide solutions; you are more than just an employee, and you must deliver results.

Hiring Manager

What goes through the mind of someone who needs to hire a new employee? When you try to think like a hiring manager, the person whom you will ultimately report to, you’ll present your qualifications in terms they will relate to and appreciate.

As you can see, a successful job search is a complex process. To improve how you communicate and manage your search, try on as many of these new hats as you can!


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