Beyond Salary: What to Look for in a New Job [Infographic]

Your job search is about far more than simply finding someone willing to hire you. It must go beyond salary alone. It’s also about finding the right job for you.

When considering a specific opportunity, you might want to ask yourself questions like “Will I be comfortable with the culture at this company?”, or “Does this job offer me the chance to grow in my career and as a person?” Sure, other considerations including location, benefits, and flexibility also play a part in your job search. But ultimately, it’s about more than money.

To help you think beyond salary, we present this infographic from Accounting Principals. Here, you’ll see some of the most important factors when searching for a job… factors that go well past salary considerations.

There is a voice inside of each of us that wants to quote the movie, Jerry McGuire. You want to shout, “Show me the money!”

For the sake of your career and your personal well-being, however… take a closer look at what makes you happy.


beyond salary


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