Profitable Hobbies: Earning Money with Passion [Infographic]

artistDo you have any passions that could become profitable hobbies? A sustainable side gig?

Most of us spend about a third of each day working to earn money. Only a lucky few, however, can truly say that they love what they do. For the rest of us, a job is just a necessary part of our lives. Though we are proud of our skills, professionalism, and hard work, our passions often lie elsewhere.

But what if you could turn your passions into profit? 

Statistics suggest that Americans spend an average of 5.6 hours a day on hobbies and leisure activities. Engaging in these leisure pursuits helps to relieve stress, keep us healthy and avoid burnout. These are the things we enjoy doing, but we usually think of doing them only for ourselves. With many hobbies, however, there is money to be made… and a side gig waiting to happen.

This infographic from PoundPlace enables you to explore some tips on turning your leisure-time activities into profitable hobbies. From baking to blogging and gaming to social media, there are some great suggestions here.

A hobby is never a waste of time. It doesn’t have to be a waste of money either. So do what you love, enjoy your downtime and profit from your passion!


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