All You Need To Know About Your Resume Skills Section [Infographic]

You’re working on putting together that perfect resume. So you’ll eventually be confronted with the dreaded resume skills section.

Other sections of your resume – like the experience, education, and employment history –are important. But the skills section is your best opportunity to tell future employers who you are and what you can do.

The problem is what to choose from the technical and soft skills you’ve developed. Which skills are most appropriate, technical or transferable? Which skills will really impress that potential employer most? Most important, which will help you land your dream job?

Research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), as shown in this infographic from UptoWork, suggests that technical skills are not favored by most employers. Consider:

  • Leadership and the ability to work on a team (both considered soft skills) are favored by 77.8% of potential employers when evaluating recent college graduates
  • Only 67.5 percent of employers look for a perfect technical skills match
  • 62% of hiring managers said that between two equally qualified candidates, soft skills would win over extra certifications or high-profile references

To learn more about what skills employers find most desirable, keep reading. And be sure to note the tips on how best to highlight your skills set on your resume!


resume skills section



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