Surprising Job Search Facts and Funny HR Statistics [Infographic]

A simple Google search offers up a wealth interesting stories, job search facts, and statistics from HR (Human Resources) professionals… all of which may be helpful in preparing for your job search.  While often humorous, they can be useful tools in molding your interaction with the people who will ultimately decide if you’re hired.

HR professionals love to tell stories about that candidate who ate all of the candy in the bowl during the interview. Or the resume that included a childhood lemonade stand as a business experience. Terrible interviews, ridiculous resumes… HR pros have seen it all. And many are not averse to sharing their experiences.

Perhaps the most useful feedback from HR professionals comes in the form of statistics.  In this infographic from Insider Hub, we share with you some fun and interesting statistics that can tell what to do, and what not to do, when you’re looking for your next job.

Enjoy the read, and let their experiences inform you actions!


funny hr stats and job search facts



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