4 Rookie Job Fair Mistakes You Must Avoid

Job Fair MistakesAs a fresh graduate, job fairs provide you with an opportunity to land a dream job. But you must know the rookie job fair mistakes that must be avoided.

Because, too often, rookie job seekers fail to create a strong impression during these job fairs by making silly mistakes that make it seem as though they’re not serious about their career.

Remember that a job fair is not about rubbing shoulders with bigwigs in your industry; it is an opportunity to pitch your value proposition as a viable professional who can benefit a company.

With this fundamental goal in mind, here are four rookie job fair mistakes you might be making:

1. You’re Not Prepared for a Q&A Session

The Q&A is an important part of attending a job fair. Just like a job interview, a Q&A session is the part of the job fair where an employer wants to know about your academic background, professional inclination, and personality traits. Therefore, it is imperative for you to prepare for this critical stage prior to attending a job fair. This is one of the first job fair mistakes many people make.

Try starting with a mock interview. Make a list of anticipated questions and then practice your answers. Come up with better answers each time you practice your response to a question. Better yet, invite a friend to help you with tweaking your body language and articulation.

2. You Go Straight to a Favorite Employer

Attending a job fair can make you feel a little nervous, as you will be meeting with some of your dream employers. So, there is a chance you’ll make silly job fair mistakes that put you in a bad light. To avoid embarrassment, it is important that you give yourself enough time to prepare before you interact with your top employer.

Rather than jumping straight to the booth of your favorite employers, you should first take a chance with other recruiters. This will give you enough time to practice your elevator speech, gather your confidence, and gain an idea of how you should go about your interview with your dream employer.

3. You Don’t Demonstrate Your Skills

To truly shine in a job fair interview, it’s important that you show your interest in the Q&A session as much as the interviewer does. You need to go beyond learning about the company and demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Tell them about your educational history and how it augments with your skills to make you a suitable candidate for a particular position.

For example, if you hold a marketing degree, show them your self-presentation expertise and communication skills to cement your chances of getting hired for a position in sales or the marketing department of the company.

4. You’re Lacking the Right Demeanor

When you are in conversation with a dream employer at a job fair, the employer takes it as an opportunity to evaluate you beyond your resume. Lacking the right attitude at this stage can deprive you of a dream job no matter how skilled or qualified you are.

Remember that an employer is not merely impressed with how much you know about their business or how special you are with your skills. They are equally interested in knowing you as a person. They need to be convinced that you are an ambitious person who can make a difference in the organization with your ‘can do’ attitude.

Therefore, you need to portray yourself as a person who is willing to improve for the betterment of the organization. Instead of just asking an employer about learning opportunities, you need to keep the focus of your conversation on how you’ll make a difference in the job at hand.

As a fresh graduate seeking new job opportunities, a job fair is a perfect place to start. But to truly make an impression and land your dream job, you need to avoid making these, all too common,  job fair mistakes.


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