How to Start a Business While Still Working

Next, expand on this and define your mission statement. It will give you focus, outline where your business is going, and allow you to suss out whatever it is that makes your business special for your target customer.

Reflect on How You Spend Your Time

Note your current schedule, working hours, family commitments, and hobbies you don’t want to give up, and you will soon establish what time you have available for working on your new business venture. Be prepared to make cuts — just one hour less in front of the TV could be all it takes to alleviate your daily stresses of being stuck in a job you’re not enjoying and feel like you are progressing to be a better you.

Could you make better use of your time spent commuting? Mobile technology means working on-the-go can easily become part of your lifestyle, so embrace the digital age and utilize dead time. These changes may sound scary at first, but like anything, they will soon become habit. Refer back to what you wrote in step one to remind yourself why you are doing this.

Set Achievable Goals

You no doubt have deadlines and targets to meet all the time in your day job. In your own business, you get to set these goals for yourself. Make sure they are achievable, and remember that you are only working on the business in your spare time. Again, something as easy as writing down your goals and how you plan to achieve them will help you stay on track.

A further key motivational tip is to tell a friend. Just like having a gym buddy to keep you focused on a fitness goal, telling a friend about that business idea that’s been brewing inside you will help you stay committed. Not to mention, you’ll benefit from their encouragement. You never know, they may even offer up some ideas or advice.

Assess Your Skills

Your own experience, skills, and passions are the advantage you start with. Reflect on your talents and expertise and think about how you can apply these within your new business venture. You may even call on skills gained in your current day job.

There may be gaps in your knowledge, but don’t let a busy working life put your dreams on hold — every spare hour is an opportunity to work on getting your own company up and running. An evening class, or even an online course, could be the ideal solution for learning a new skill, or brushing up on an existing one, and will be a great way to learn about current trends in a field and discover best practices.

Measure Your Progress

Working on your business idea only in your spare time will mean milestones are few and far between. Be sure to measure your progress and celebrate your successes. There will come a point where you have mastered your new working schedule, nailed doing your accounts, and conquered some of your initial goals. It’s at this stage that you should look to gain insight into your business with statistics and use the data to assess strategic performance. Monitor this data over time and it will help you establish new goals.

Keep the momentum going by staying inspired. You are not the first to start your own business while working a day job — and you won’t be the last. Read others’ startup success stories, or take 20 minutes out to watch some TED talks.

Take the Plunge

Your journey to being the boss of your own successful business is complete. When you know, you know, and there will come a time when you can hand notice in to your employer. Be sure to be respectful in doing this. While you want to cut the ties of employment, you don’t want to burn any bridges.

Not ready to take the full plunge? Consider requesting reduced hours from your employer, or alternatively consider a part-time role that will ensure you can pay the bills while you are setting up on your own. Another great way to be risk-adverse is to use annual leave from your day job to give your business venture an extra push. It’s a great way to get a taster of what life will be like running your business full-time.

You’ve Made It, Keep at It

Starting a business is a massive achievement, and you are well on the way to becoming the entrepreneur you have always dreamed of! Be thankful when you get there, and keep that momentum going by continually setting new goals and working hard.

Outlining realistic targets for each day to ensure you don’t treat being your own boss as a vacation is an integral part of succeeding at your own business. A savvy business person will also have a back-up plan in place to fall back on should everything go pear-shaped.

Most of all, remember to keep recognizing your achievements. Your hard work has made you a success. And your experience gained setting up on your own is priceless and could better position you to land fantastic job prospects.

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About the Author: Katy Crouch is an online shop owner, writer and digital marketer at Selesti, a multi-award winning creative digital agency. Katy helps businesses plan and execute online growth and success; from start-ups and SMEs to large, international companies.



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