The Successful Job Seeker Versus the Unsuccessful [Infographic]

What traits do we associate with a successful job seeker? What about an unsuccessful candidate?

Whether you just started looking for a new job or you have been searching for a while, you know that the job hunt can be an extensive and exhausting progress. There are those who beat the search… and those who let the search beat them.

So what makes the difference? What makes one job person a successful job seeker and what forces another to struggle? Here are some hints:

  • Successful job hunters do a better job utilizing online tools, while others ignore these and wait for opportunities to come to them
  • Job seekers getting results rely on their degree of socialization; those who struggle isolate themselves from new connections and getting advice
  • Finally, attitude is everything; remain confident, motivated, and optimistic and you’ll easily surge ahead of your lazy or dejected counterparts

To see the traits, habits and characteristics that make you a successful job seeker, check out this great infographic from our friends at Jobscan!


Click to see larger image…

successful job seeker versus unsuccessful job seeker



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