The Job Search Questions We’re Too Afraid to Ask (But Should)

#InternPro Chat job search questionsSearching for a job is not an easy process. We don’t where to go to ask our job search questions.

Sometimes, we don’t even know if we should ask. We fear not sounding like we know what we’re doing or maybe don’t have a plan.

Don’t worry, this week’s #InternPro chat has you covered!

We’ve all had questions about the job search we don’t want to ask but can’t seem to find the answer. So join us tonight at 6pm PT to get answers to the job search questions you’ve been dying to ask as you search for your first or next job or internship.

Take a sneak peek at what we will be asking our community:

  • What is the biggest challenge job seekers face today? What seems, at times, to be an insurmountable obstacle? 
  • I’ve heard that I need to build a strong enough online presence that jobs find me. But exactly how do I do that?
  • How do I know if I’m doing well at personal branding? Or if I’m crossing the line into blatant self-promotion? 
  • WTH is an ATS? And why can’t I ever get a human being to read my resume? 
  • What are the most common mistakes job seekers make (or bad tactics used) that ruin their chances of being hired?
  • What is the deal with following up? Are job seekers expected to be persistent? Or are we seen as pests? 
  • I’m new to networking and gaining traction is proving tough. What “Golden Rules” of networking should I follow? 
  • Fill in the blanks: The qualities a must-hire candidate must demonstrate are ______, ______ and ______. 

Tune in tonight at 6pm and bring a friend. Here’s an easy tweet to share with your network:



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