How to Spot a Crappy Work Culture During a Job Search

#InternPro_TwitterWork culture is a popular topic right now, but most of the information available is on examples of the best work culture. No one ever talks about how to find the best or how to avoid the worst.

How can you tell if a workplace has a crappy culture during your job search? What are some red flags to look for? How do weed out the places that seem to have a crappy culture?

The #InternPro community is ready to take on these questions and a few others tonight at 6pm PT. Get a sneak peek at what we’ll be asking:

  • We talk a lot about company culture and “right fit” now. What does the right culture and fit look like for you? 
  • What are the red flags that might indicate a company culture may be less than ideal for you?
  • What resources or tools can we use to determine the culture of an employer? Where do you find objective input? 
  • Your thoughts? “I just need a job. Bad company culture or not, if they offer me a position I’m taking it.” 
  • What questions can you ask during a job interview to figure out if the culture at that workplace sucks? 
  • What happens when you start a new job or internship and you discover the culture is toxic? What can you do? 
  • As young professionals, how can we positively impact an organization’s culture? How can we make a difference? 
  • You are mentoring a friend working in a stressful, non-fulfilling culture. What is your No. 1 piece of advice? 

Join us tonight at 6pm PT for this discussion and hey, bring a friend! Here’s an easy tweet to share with your network:

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